I’m Not Obsessed With My Instagram

I feel as if I might be one the only girls out there who doesn’t really care about how her Instagram looks. I cannot bring myself to spend 5 minutes taking a picture so I’m not sure I could spend more than 5 trying to get the perfect picture only for “likes”. In my opinion, some people spend too much time obsessing over their Instagram and how many likes their pictures get. I am guilty of it too. I used to text my friends and ask them to like my pictures (because that’s what friends are for right?). I kind of do not care what my Insta aesthetic is and I don’t get my confidence from from the amount of likes I get on my pictures either.

I could never bring myself to pose for several minutes in public to get the perfect picture on the beach, strutting down the sidewalk, or a picture of my food before I eat it. (I honestly don’t know how people can pose for that long in front of their food. Most times I can’t help but dig into my food so there is no way I could find the will power to stare at it until I get the perfect picture.) Anyway, I just feel awkward being so obvious about trying to get the perfect Instagram picture. I’m not comfortable being so obvious and looking so extra in public. We all know that even the most effortless looking pictures take a lot of effort and it’s just not me to spend so much time on it.

I think sometimes people become so obsessed about getting the perfect picture so they can get an enormous amount of likes only to boost their confidence. Of course this is a thought that happens in the subconscious so it is not recognized. I have always thought social media brought on a fake sense of confidence. Using social media to fuel your happiness and confidence is by far the least effective way to be happy and get confident. You have to get your happiness and self confidence from something genuine in order to be authentically happy and confident.

That is probably a major reason I don’t really get into my Insta aesthetic. I’ll filter and adjust some pictures to make them more clear, but for the most part I don’t get hung up on it. I actually kind of like that my account isn’t completely staged or filtered. That’s actually what my life looks like and I’m totally ok with it. Although pictures do capture the most precious moments of our lives, I believe that you must also take time to take in the entire moment. When looking back on old pictures you want to be able to recall that awesome experience, not how it took you forever to get the perfect picture for Instagram.



Be Patient

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 4.00.37 PM


Spring has sprung (kind of… not really if you live in the northeast) which means summer is just around the corner. We’ve made it to the time of the year when everyone starts rushing to get their summer body. This is why I thought the above quote is appropriate.

Starting to work toward your summer bod now and expecting quick results will leave you disappointed. It takes a while for those lifestyle changes to make a difference. I call it a lifestyle change because in order to see a difference you must hold yourself accountable to a healthy and fit life for more than a few weeks/months. Reassure yourself that you will see progress just so as long as you stay patient and hold yourself to your new routine.

Prior to my senior year of high school I really didn’t workout outside of gym class and dance. I dreaded anything cardio related and walked the mile every year in gym class because I didn’t really care. I started not feeling my best my senior year of high school so I started to workout and eat healthier daily. After months and months of holding myself to a new routine, I saw a difference and lost 15lbs.

I have recently created new fitness goals for myself and I know that it will take time to start to see my results, however I do not let that frustrate me. Keep going because if you stop now just because the results won’t come as quick as you would like, you wont ever see your results.

Positive Thoughts

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 7.48.12 PM

I decided to start a series on Mondays called “Monday Motivation”. I’ll post quotes and explain what they mean to me. I will try to keep these posts short because my purpose is to provide you with something quick to help you start your week off right! Some quotes will be motivational and others will be some food for thought. Today’s quote is pictured above.

My mom always told me to be a positive person. Everyone has those days when everything seems to be going wrong and the negative thoughts just don’t go away. However, I’ve gotten pretty good at finding something to be positive about even on the worst days. This does so much more than make me smile and feel happy. I feel compelled to do and say nice things. It’s scientifically proven that complimenting and/or helping someone releases serotonin in the complimenter and complimentee. Serotonin not only affects your mood, but it can also affect your appetite, digestion, sleep, memory, and sexual desire. With serotonin up all these functions will benefit and because you’ll feel better you’ll also look better!

Like I said, I always try and to find something to be positive about. I always believe that there is a bright side to every situation even though you need to squint really hard at some situations to find one. Looking at the bright side isn’t the only way to think good thoughts. Thinking good thoughts can extend to not thinking ill on anyone or being judgmental. I’ll admit this is an area I need to work on. However, I am getting better, it’s actually my resolution for Lent.

With that said, let’s let the good thoughts and their consequences be a huge part of our daily routines this week.

I Gave Up Coffee

This past December I made the decision to give up coffee. (I know right?!) It actually was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I chose to not drink coffee for my mental health. Coffee may give you the extra kick that you need, but I personally don’t receive the extra kick well. I actually don’t mind life without coffee at all.

I drank coffee here and there in high school, but it wasn’t every morning. I started drinking it more in college. I never noticed how bad coffee was for me until around this past December. I noticed that I would be get really stressed with school which typically, like most people, occurs around mid terms and finals. Of course it was around these times where I made sure to drink my coffee. However, I would get very anxious. I saw a post on Facebook asking for help dealing with anxiety and one of my good friends commented that cutting out coffee can really help. So, I took her advice and it was the best thing I ever did. I feel so much better and finally noticed how bad coffee was for me. I am not as jittery or anxious anymore and I feel great! Although I still get hit with a wave of incredible tiredness most days, I’ve found ways around it. I’ll usually drink some ice cold water to wake myself up.  I fill my water bottle with water and stick it in the refrigerator the night before and my water is kept nice and cold all day. There is also nothing like a good daily gym sesh to wake me up! If I really really need a kick I’ll drink a little soda, but that is very very rare.

I can get through everyday now with no coffee, no nap, a lot of cold water, and a good hour and half at the gym. It’s actually extremely healthier than the way I used to live. Today, I get all my exercise, the proper amount of water, and I am able to fall asleep at night with no problem. Prior to giving up coffee I would take a nap almost every day and consequently would have trouble falling asleep at night. I’m not entirely sure why I was sleeping more during the day when I was drinking coffee daily, but I have a feeling that I would tire faster because I was always feeling so jittery. Because that was normal I never gave it a second thought. I would never get enough rest at night so I would drink more coffee and my anxiety would get worse. If you struggle with anxiety try cutting coffee out of your daily routine. If going cold turkey is too hard then gradually ween yourself off. Adopt healthier ways to keep yourself awake and I promise you’ll feel so much better!



Skincare Products for Dry and Cold Weather

I am often asked about my skin care routine especially around this time of year.  I have Eczema and the worst dry skin in the world and try everything to keep it moisturized during the winter time. Here are my favorite products to use to keep my skin soft and hydrated! I linked a few different websites with coupons or current promotions for your convenience!

My favorite lotion is Aquaphor. In the winter I put this on once in the morning and once before bed. In the summer I’ll put it on before bed only and use a lighter scented lotion in the morning. I make sure to wear long sleeves and pajama pants to bed in the winter to not only keep myself warm, but to also keep the moisture in. I also wipe the excess lotion on my face in the drier areas after applying the lotion before bed. I LOVE this lotion because it is thick and its the only lotion that I’ve found to actually work on me. You can find it at most drug stores.

Before I put my makeup on in the morning I’ll moisturize it with Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel; it’s light and does the trick! I’ve tried a lot of facial moisturizers that have stung or just haven’t worked. This product is semi recent, I jumped and bought it right when it came out and I am 100% thrilled with it! I highly recommend it if you are looking for a light facial moisturizer.

I used to use makeup wipes to take my makeup off however, I recently bought a travel size bottle of the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Makeup Remover and this stuff is seriously amazing!! I use the pink bottle for all skin types. If I read the bottles correctly the blue bottles are also for all skin types, but it removes water proof makeup and the green bottles are for oily and sensitive skin. My skin used to occasionally burn with the makeup wipes and this product does the job without burning! This is perfect because I’ve been looking for something compact to keep in my bag to use after my classes before I go to the gym at school.

I use Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub to wash my face before bed. I’ve used this stuff for years and it’s great. Although I am disappointed the microbeads were removed from the formula (because they used to exfoliate so well) the face wash is great for people with dry and/or sensitive skin. It’s oil free and smells great.

Before I go to bed I put on some Blistex Lip Medex and sometimes, if my hands are super dry, I’ll put a light coating of Aquaphor on them and wear a soft pair of gloves to bed. I know, it sounds weird, but I’m telling you it works. There are days when my hands are so dry that they crack and bleed- if you are the same way you should definitely try this. Your hands will be so soft the next day and you’ll find yourself wearing gloves to bed more often. If my Eczema is acting up and is itching I’ll apply Cortizone 10 Intensive Healing Lotion for Eczema Itchy and Dry Skin. This is the best drug store anti itch cream that I have come across and it usually works.

I carry a bottle of coconut oil spray in my purse for when my hands are incredibly dry. If I keep up with my daily routine this rarely happens, but in case it does a spritz on each hand usually works. I also recommend putting a humidifier in dry atmospheres. If the room is insanely dry I can literally feel the moisture being sucked from my skin and it doesn’t take long for my skin to look chapped and feel uncomfortable.

If you have any questions I’ll be more than happy to answer them! Thanks for reading and subscribe!

*This is not a sponsored post by any of the above brands*

My New Challenge

I’ve always been a very goal centered person. I set my eyes on the prize and work for what I want. However, recently I’ve found myself in a rut where I’ve just been so busy and haven’t set goals outside of academia and my internship. Thanks to my loved ones I impulsively signed up for a 5K. Although I knew I was ready for one, I never thought about actually doing one. Running that 5K was amazing and I finished in less time than I expected to finish. In fact, after I was done I felt like I definitely could have done a 10K! Accomplishing a goal outside of school felt amazing. I haven’t set many physical goals in forever and after that race I decided to run a 10K once the weather gets warmer.

Outside of focusing on my running I have decided to focus on building muscle as well. I’ve tossed the idea of building muscle around for about a year and a half now. I’ve wanted to, but I’ve been so accustomed to my routines geared toward losing weight that I had no idea how to do it. When I decided to get serious about this it scared me. All I’ve done since my senior year of high school was workout to lose or maintain my weight. During my senior year in high school I set a goal to lose weight and I did end up accomplishing it losing 15 pounds! My biggest concern was setting myself back to where I was before I made my major lifestyle change. I’ve come to realize that’s not going to happen since I workout every day anyway. The change comes in my workout routines and if I accomplished many similar goals before I can certainly accomplish this one. 

The goal is to build muscle. I don’t want to be a body builder; I just want to have visible muscle. I am not one to publicly share my progress on social media, but I decided writing about my journey will be a swift kick in the butt to get me going and help me stay motivated. I’ve already started not too long ago and I figured I would make this one of my many new years resolutions. The other day I squatted over 3/4 of my body weight which is pretty good for me!! Even though it was painful it felt good knowing I pushed myself. I don’t know that I’ll be sharing pictures every month, but maybe once I’m starting to see a good amount of progress I’ll share.

Lastly, if anyone has any recommendations for pre-workout and whey protein powder that are affordable please let me know either in the comments below here on my blog or on my Facebook. I hope you all have a big goal to chase this new year!


It’s Been a While



It’s been quite a while and you probably forgot I even had a blog, that’s ok because I kind of forgot I had one too. It’s been 8 months since I’ve been active on here after publishing my first post. Here’s what I’ve been up to in those 8 months in case you care, if not that’s cool.

 I finished the school year with a 3.9 GPA and worked as a sales associate and babysitter all summer. In my spare time over the summer I relaxed at Keuka Lake which is one of the gorgeous Finger Lakes in New York State. My boyfriend taught me how to fish and I love to brag about how I caught the first fish at the lake this summer even though I’m pretty sure him and my dad both have me beat on how many fish we’ve each caught individually. However, that’s because I wasn’t able to make it up there that often so, just wait until next summer. I held a 4th of July get together at my house and caught up with some old friends from high school, it was so nice to catch up and find out what everyone is up to now. I also visited Texas and Colorado since Texas is where my boyfriend, Nate, and his family live. It was actually my second time down there with them, but my first time to Colorado which is where we went on vacation. It was a really great trip! I’m assuming the people who are reading this know about my trip, but if you don’t you’ll have to speak to me in person for the details. Colorado is incredibly gorgeous and I would love to go back one day! Then in the middle(ish) of August My sisters and I went to the drive in to see two movies as our end of the summer “sister date”. I can’t remember the name of the first movie we saw and although we ended up falling asleep towards the end of the second movie, Finding Dory, it was a great way to end the summer!

At the end of August Nate’s class had their Ring Weekend to kick off their Firstie Year at West Point. My parents and little sister as well as Nate’s dad were able to make it to the ceremony. It was a hot day, but the view of the Hudson River was gorgeous and the ceremony was well done. The next day Nate and I attended the banquet and it was fun (as it always is) to get dressed up and celebrate the Class of 2017. It is impossible to find words to express how proud I am of Nate for his dedication to our Country. I am so excited to see what the rest of the year holds for him, there are many exciting events (including graduation!!) to come. 

At the end of that same weekend I moved into school to start my third year, but second year at FIT. School is going well so far; I am finishing my degree in Fashion Business Management this semester and will start a new degree next semester as long as I get accepted into the program. I just started an internship which I am really enjoying. I also had the opportunity to volunteer during New York Fashion Week for Project Runway and if you know me you know that I was totally psyched. I was told to usher the section assigned to designers from previous seasons and one of my favorites talked to me. I wasn’t able to be cool about it…. I told her I remembered her from the show and that I actually retweeted her a few days before that….Anyway, a few weeks after that I went to Macy’s in Herald Square for the launch of Iris Apfel’s line for INC. It was a pretty cool event. They had machines that laser printed designs on your nails which is possibly one of the coolest things ever. Although no one was able to get a picture with Iris Apfel herself, she walked by me and I got a pretty good picture of her.

PSA: if the iphone emojis aren’t doing it for you and/or you are obsessed with Iris Apfel I recommend downloading the INCmojis app. The emoji’s are of her and they are super chic.

That is pretty much what I’ve done in the past 8 months. Thank you to those of you who cared to read, I enjoy sharing what I’m up to and really want to make an effort to be more active on here. If no one read, that’s okay I like doing this anyway.





Trying to teach our dog, Emmie, how to swim




Nate’s Ring Ceremony


Keuka Lake


NYFW Project Runway


Iris Apfel at Macy’s


4th of July Party


My sister’s and I at the Lake on Memorial Day


Drive in Movie Night

My First Semester at FIT

This past semester was my first marking period at The Fashion Institute of Technology and man, were my eyes opened. I received so many opportunities this semester and had to turn some down. All within one semester I received a job at a sample sale, started writing for FIT’s chapter of The Odyssey and became the social media director, volunteered at New York Fashion Week, joined two clubs, and was thrown into my major. I guess you can say I’ve made myself pretty busy. I worked an average of 20 hours a week and would spend my other time studying, writing, and doing social media stuff. When FIT says they throw you into your major, they are not lying. From my first day I was put into a team and throughout the semester we built a business, every week I researched quotes and different people in the industry making connections in fashion, art, and literature, and I completed two comprehensive advertising campaign analyses.

My first encounter with the industry known to be crazy and cut throat was at the fashion show I worked during NYFW. Honestly, I can’t remember who it was. For those of you who are familiar with fashion shows know that it takes hours to set up (prepare the venue, the models, and the production), but the fashion show itself is only 10-15 minutes. At the show I worked there was a miscommunication about tickets which resulted in people being sat in the wrong seats. This was unknown to me until an employee of the designer came up to me, pointed the problem out, and told me to “fix it”. That was it:“Fix it”. The problem was the show had already started; I looked at the entire row of elaborate dressed women and knew this was going to be a hard task. I kindly and quickly went down the row and explained to each person that they were seated in the wrong seat and that they would have to get up, stand, and leave the bag full of free products which they thought was theirs at the seat.  This was no easy task and I assumed I was going to have women yell at me and refuse to get up. Surprisingly, most people were understanding and did what I had said. Although I wasn’t able to get the entire row emptied and seated within the time given, I was able to get over half the row correctly seated- not ideal, but impressive for only one person to do. 

Going to school at the nation’s best fashion school and being accepted into the program that beats out all other colleges with Fashion Merchandising (FBM) programs is such a blessing. Living in New York City is hectic, but fun. To be honest, I was extremely worried that going to “fashion school” and being surrounded by material items would make me materialistic and shallow. However, it has had the complete opposite affect on me. Ever since my first year in college I’ve become less obsessed with material items and more focused on life itself. Maybe this is what professionals are talking about when they say our generation would rather spend money on experiences than items. Being in the city hasn’t made me crave life in the fast lane, it’s made me appreciate what I have as well as sparked a curiosity of life outside of New York and Pennsylvania. Walking down the street and seeing countless homeless people makes me appreciate that I have a roof over my head, I have an education, and that I have food to eat every day (even though we all complain about the dining hall food, it’s better than nothing). I also have an itch to travel and visit new places. I would love to see the world, travel the country, and experience new ways of thinking and living.