My First Semester at FIT

This past semester was my first marking period at The Fashion Institute of Technology and man, were my eyes opened. I received so many opportunities this semester and had to turn some down. All within one semester I received a job at a sample sale, started writing for FIT’s chapter of The Odyssey and became the social media director, volunteered at New York Fashion Week, joined two clubs, and was thrown into my major. I guess you can say I’ve made myself pretty busy. I worked an average of 20 hours a week and would spend my other time studying, writing, and doing social media stuff. When FIT says they throw you into your major, they are not lying. From my first day I was put into a team and throughout the semester we built a business, every week I researched quotes and different people in the industry making connections in fashion, art, and literature, and I completed two comprehensive advertising campaign analyses.

My first encounter with the industry known to be crazy and cut throat was at the fashion show I worked during NYFW. Honestly, I can’t remember who it was. For those of you who are familiar with fashion shows know that it takes hours to set up (prepare the venue, the models, and the production), but the fashion show itself is only 10-15 minutes. At the show I worked there was a miscommunication about tickets which resulted in people being sat in the wrong seats. This was unknown to me until an employee of the designer came up to me, pointed the problem out, and told me to “fix it”. That was it:“Fix it”. The problem was the show had already started; I looked at the entire row of elaborate dressed women and knew this was going to be a hard task. I kindly and quickly went down the row and explained to each person that they were seated in the wrong seat and that they would have to get up, stand, and leave the bag full of free products which they thought was theirs at the seat.  This was no easy task and I assumed I was going to have women yell at me and refuse to get up. Surprisingly, most people were understanding and did what I had said. Although I wasn’t able to get the entire row emptied and seated within the time given, I was able to get over half the row correctly seated- not ideal, but impressive for only one person to do. 

Going to school at the nation’s best fashion school and being accepted into the program that beats out all other colleges with Fashion Merchandising (FBM) programs is such a blessing. Living in New York City is hectic, but fun. To be honest, I was extremely worried that going to “fashion school” and being surrounded by material items would make me materialistic and shallow. However, it has had the complete opposite affect on me. Ever since my first year in college I’ve become less obsessed with material items and more focused on life itself. Maybe this is what professionals are talking about when they say our generation would rather spend money on experiences than items. Being in the city hasn’t made me crave life in the fast lane, it’s made me appreciate what I have as well as sparked a curiosity of life outside of New York and Pennsylvania. Walking down the street and seeing countless homeless people makes me appreciate that I have a roof over my head, I have an education, and that I have food to eat every day (even though we all complain about the dining hall food, it’s better than nothing). I also have an itch to travel and visit new places. I would love to see the world, travel the country, and experience new ways of thinking and living.


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