It’s Been a While



It’s been quite a while and you probably forgot I even had a blog, that’s ok because I kind of forgot I had one too. It’s been 8 months since I’ve been active on here after publishing my first post. Here’s what I’ve been up to in those 8 months in case you care, if not that’s cool.

 I finished the school year with a 3.9 GPA and worked as a sales associate and babysitter all summer. In my spare time over the summer I relaxed at Keuka Lake which is one of the gorgeous Finger Lakes in New York State. My boyfriend taught me how to fish and I love to brag about how I caught the first fish at the lake this summer even though I’m pretty sure him and my dad both have me beat on how many fish we’ve each caught individually. However, that’s because I wasn’t able to make it up there that often so, just wait until next summer. I held a 4th of July get together at my house and caught up with some old friends from high school, it was so nice to catch up and find out what everyone is up to now. I also visited Texas and Colorado since Texas is where my boyfriend, Nate, and his family live. It was actually my second time down there with them, but my first time to Colorado which is where we went on vacation. It was a really great trip! I’m assuming the people who are reading this know about my trip, but if you don’t you’ll have to speak to me in person for the details. Colorado is incredibly gorgeous and I would love to go back one day! Then in the middle(ish) of August My sisters and I went to the drive in to see two movies as our end of the summer “sister date”. I can’t remember the name of the first movie we saw and although we ended up falling asleep towards the end of the second movie, Finding Dory, it was a great way to end the summer!

At the end of August Nate’s class had their Ring Weekend to kick off their Firstie Year at West Point. My parents and little sister as well as Nate’s dad were able to make it to the ceremony. It was a hot day, but the view of the Hudson River was gorgeous and the ceremony was well done. The next day Nate and I attended the banquet and it was fun (as it always is) to get dressed up and celebrate the Class of 2017. It is impossible to find words to express how proud I am of Nate for his dedication to our Country. I am so excited to see what the rest of the year holds for him, there are many exciting events (including graduation!!) to come. 

At the end of that same weekend I moved into school to start my third year, but second year at FIT. School is going well so far; I am finishing my degree in Fashion Business Management this semester and will start a new degree next semester as long as I get accepted into the program. I just started an internship which I am really enjoying. I also had the opportunity to volunteer during New York Fashion Week for Project Runway and if you know me you know that I was totally psyched. I was told to usher the section assigned to designers from previous seasons and one of my favorites talked to me. I wasn’t able to be cool about it…. I told her I remembered her from the show and that I actually retweeted her a few days before that….Anyway, a few weeks after that I went to Macy’s in Herald Square for the launch of Iris Apfel’s line for INC. It was a pretty cool event. They had machines that laser printed designs on your nails which is possibly one of the coolest things ever. Although no one was able to get a picture with Iris Apfel herself, she walked by me and I got a pretty good picture of her.

PSA: if the iphone emojis aren’t doing it for you and/or you are obsessed with Iris Apfel I recommend downloading the INCmojis app. The emoji’s are of her and they are super chic.

That is pretty much what I’ve done in the past 8 months. Thank you to those of you who cared to read, I enjoy sharing what I’m up to and really want to make an effort to be more active on here. If no one read, that’s okay I like doing this anyway.





Trying to teach our dog, Emmie, how to swim




Nate’s Ring Ceremony


Keuka Lake


NYFW Project Runway


Iris Apfel at Macy’s


4th of July Party


My sister’s and I at the Lake on Memorial Day


Drive in Movie Night