My New Challenge

I’ve always been a very goal centered person. I set my eyes on the prize and work for what I want. However, recently I’ve found myself in a rut where I’ve just been so busy and haven’t set goals outside of academia and my internship. Thanks to my loved ones I impulsively signed up for a 5K. Although I knew I was ready for one, I never thought about actually doing one. Running that 5K was amazing and I finished in less time than I expected to finish. In fact, after I was done I felt like I definitely could have done a 10K! Accomplishing a goal outside of school felt amazing. I haven’t set many physical goals in forever and after that race I decided to run a 10K once the weather gets warmer.

Outside of focusing on my running I have decided to focus on building muscle as well. I’ve tossed the idea of building muscle around for about a year and a half now. I’ve wanted to, but I’ve been so accustomed to my routines geared toward losing weight that I had no idea how to do it. When I decided to get serious about this it scared me. All I’ve done since my senior year of high school was workout to lose or maintain my weight. During my senior year in high school I set a goal to lose weight and I did end up accomplishing it losing 15 pounds! My biggest concern was setting myself back to where I was before I made my major lifestyle change. I’ve come to realize that’s not going to happen since I workout every day anyway. The change comes in my workout routines and if I accomplished many similar goals before I can certainly accomplish this one. 

The goal is to build muscle. I don’t want to be a body builder; I just want to have visible muscle. I am not one to publicly share my progress on social media, but I decided writing about my journey will be a swift kick in the butt to get me going and help me stay motivated. I’ve already started not too long ago and I figured I would make this one of my many new years resolutions. The other day I squatted over 3/4 of my body weight which is pretty good for me!! Even though it was painful it felt good knowing I pushed myself. I don’t know that I’ll be sharing pictures every month, but maybe once I’m starting to see a good amount of progress I’ll share.

Lastly, if anyone has any recommendations for pre-workout and whey protein powder that are affordable please let me know either in the comments below here on my blog or on my Facebook. I hope you all have a big goal to chase this new year!