I Gave Up Coffee

This past December I made the decision to give up coffee. (I know right?!) It actually was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I chose to not drink coffee for my mental health. Coffee may give you the extra kick that you need, but I personally don’t receive the extra kick well. I actually don’t mind life without coffee at all.

I drank coffee here and there in high school, but it wasn’t every morning. I started drinking it more in college. I never noticed how bad coffee was for me until around this past December. I noticed that I would be get really stressed with school which typically, like most people, occurs around mid terms and finals. Of course it was around these times where I made sure to drink my coffee. However, I would get very anxious. I saw a post on Facebook asking for help dealing with anxiety and one of my good friends commented that cutting out coffee can really help. So, I took her advice and it was the best thing I ever did. I feel so much better and finally noticed how bad coffee was for me. I am not as jittery or anxious anymore and I feel great! Although I still get hit with a wave of incredible tiredness most days, I’ve found ways around it. I’ll usually drink some ice cold water to wake myself up.  I fill my water bottle with water and stick it in the refrigerator the night before and my water is kept nice and cold all day. There is also nothing like a good daily gym sesh to wake me up! If I really really need a kick I’ll drink a little soda, but that is very very rare.

I can get through everyday now with no coffee, no nap, a lot of cold water, and a good hour and half at the gym. It’s actually extremely healthier than the way I used to live. Today, I get all my exercise, the proper amount of water, and I am able to fall asleep at night with no problem. Prior to giving up coffee I would take a nap almost every day and consequently would have trouble falling asleep at night. I’m not entirely sure why I was sleeping more during the day when I was drinking coffee daily, but I have a feeling that I would tire faster because I was always feeling so jittery. Because that was normal I never gave it a second thought. I would never get enough rest at night so I would drink more coffee and my anxiety would get worse. If you struggle with anxiety try cutting coffee out of your daily routine. If going cold turkey is too hard then gradually ween yourself off. Adopt healthier ways to keep yourself awake and I promise you’ll feel so much better!




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