Positive Thoughts

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I decided to start a series on Mondays called “Monday Motivation”. I’ll post quotes and explain what they mean to me. I will try to keep these posts short because my purpose is to provide you with something quick to help you start your week off right! Some quotes will be motivational and others will be some food for thought. Today’s quote is pictured above.

My mom always told me to be a positive person. Everyone has those days when everything seems to be going wrong and the negative thoughts just don’t go away. However, I’ve gotten pretty good at finding something to be positive about even on the worst days. This does so much more than make me smile and feel happy. I feel compelled to do and say nice things. It’s scientifically proven that complimenting and/or helping someone releases serotonin in the complimenter and complimentee. Serotonin not only affects your mood, but it can also affect your appetite, digestion, sleep, memory, and sexual desire. With serotonin up all these functions will benefit and because you’ll feel better you’ll also look better!

Like I said, I always try and to find something to be positive about. I always believe that there is a bright side to every situation even though you need to squint really hard at some situations to find one. Looking at the bright side isn’t the only way to think good thoughts. Thinking good thoughts can extend to not thinking ill on anyone or being judgmental. I’ll admit this is an area I need to work on. However, I am getting better, it’s actually my resolution for Lent.

With that said, let’s let the good thoughts and their consequences be a huge part of our daily routines this week.


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