Be Patient

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Spring has sprung (kind of… not really if you live in the northeast) which means summer is just around the corner. We’ve made it to the time of the year when everyone starts rushing to get their summer body. This is why I thought the above quote is appropriate.

Starting to work toward your summer bod now and expecting quick results will leave you disappointed. It takes a while for those lifestyle changes to make a difference. I call it a lifestyle change because in order to see a difference you must hold yourself accountable to a healthy and fit life for more than a few weeks/months. Reassure yourself that you will see progress just so as long as you stay patient and hold yourself to your new routine.

Prior to my senior year of high school I really didn’t workout outside of gym class and dance. I dreaded anything cardio related and walked the mile every year in gym class because I didn’t really care. I started not feeling my best my senior year of high school so I started to workout and eat healthier daily. After months and months of holding myself to a new routine, I saw a difference and lost 15lbs.

I have recently created new fitness goals for myself and I know that it will take time to start to see my results, however I do not let that frustrate me. Keep going because if you stop now just because the results won’t come as quick as you would like, you wont ever see your results.


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