I’m Not Obsessed With My Instagram

I feel as if I might be one the only girls out there who doesn’t really care about how her Instagram looks. I cannot bring myself to spend 5 minutes taking a picture so I’m not sure I could spend more than 5 trying to get the perfect picture only for “likes”. In my opinion, some people spend too much time obsessing over their Instagram and how many likes their pictures get. I am guilty of it too. I used to text my friends and ask them to like my pictures (because that’s what friends are for right?). I kind of do not care what my Insta aesthetic is and I don’t get my confidence from from the amount of likes I get on my pictures either.

I could never bring myself to pose for several minutes in public to get the perfect picture on the beach, strutting down the sidewalk, or a picture of my food before I eat it. (I honestly don’t know how people can pose for that long in front of their food. Most times I can’t help but dig into my food so there is no way I could find the will power to stare at it until I get the perfect picture.) Anyway, I just feel awkward being so obvious about trying to get the perfect Instagram picture. I’m not comfortable being so obvious and looking so extra in public. We all know that even the most effortless looking pictures take a lot of effort and it’s just not me to spend so much time on it.

I think sometimes people become so obsessed about getting the perfect picture so they can get an enormous amount of likes only to boost their confidence. Of course this is a thought that happens in the subconscious so it is not recognized. I have always thought social media brought on a fake sense of confidence. Using social media to fuel your happiness and confidence is by far the least effective way to be happy and get confident. You have to get your happiness and self confidence from something genuine in order to be authentically happy and confident.

That is probably a major reason I don’t really get into my Insta aesthetic. I’ll filter and adjust some pictures to make them more clear, but for the most part I don’t get hung up on it. I actually kind of like that my account isn’t completely staged or filtered. That’s actually what my life looks like and I’m totally ok with it. Although pictures do capture the most precious moments of our lives, I believe that you must also take time to take in the entire moment. When looking back on old pictures you want to be able to recall that awesome experience, not how it took you forever to get the perfect picture for Instagram.



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